About Us

10321618_394699437376854_5006408377037052076_oOUTER SPACE INTERNATIONAL is an “off-world” production colony specializing in the distribution, promotion, and marketing of unusual niche media projects. We are currently working on developing a new platform for experimental, entertaining, and challenging programs. This new platform will allow for better programs that reflect the artists visions and the needs of their audience rather than the outmoded values and demands of commercial film and TV industry and serve as a consistent platform of distribution, a cross promotional network, an engine to monetize projects while retaining their rights to their own work.

Founded by Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto producers of the of the TV series CINEMA INSOMNIA with Olav Phillips of ANOMALIES NETWORK. The team includes Telly Award winning producer JERRY MOORE II(Monster Madhouse), Director ERIC MILLER(Mark Of The Damned), Performer/Musician Don Drakulich(GWAR), Archivist/Writer Josh Hadley(12:01 Beyond), and the producer/artist Ormon Grimsby(Monster Creature Feature).